IdentiQuik® integration

Step 2: Design your RFID tag data layout

You’ve defined how many bits the tag will contain. Now, it’s time to decide how to structure the data on the tag.

How many bits will be used for each piece of information written to the tag?

  • Date of manufacture: 4 byte time stamp
  • Product identification: 12 bytes of text
  • Quantity: 4-byte number
  • Message authentication code: 32-byte code
  • Usage check points: 1 bit each
  • Remaining data zeroed for future use

What location or address in the tag’s memory will each piece of information occupy?

  • Date of manufacture: at byte address 0
  • Product identification: at byte address 4
  • Quantity – byte address: at byte address 16
  • Message authentication code: at byte address 20
  • Usage check points: place in spare write protect bits