IdentiQuik® integration

Step 4: Review your data security needs

This IdentiQuik integration step involves implementing security measures to protect the integrity of your brand. Depending on your security needs, you can choose to employ one or many of the following approaches.

RFID tag: base level of security

If a proper tag is not present as part of your consumable, your system can display an alert message, reduce the performance level of your system, or even suspend operation.

Protecting tag data

A Message Authentication Code (MAC) is the best way to ensure data on your RFID tag originated from your factory, or was written in the field by one of your system controllers or readers. A properly implemented MAC will make it infeasible for anyone to replicate the tag’s data.

Preventing tag duplication

Tag duplication is prevented and detected via security measures such as a unique, legitimate RFID serial number and controller log of previous tags or a “use by” timestamp or RFID reader communication tests. You can also set your controller to encrypt data before it is sent to the reader.